Welcome to the Newnham Associates

The Associates is a group of 60 graduates of Newnham College whose wide range of skills and experience provides support to students and the College. Over the years we have moved into all sorts of walks of life. Some Associates work in large corporations, some freelance, others are entrepreneurs. Areas of work include the arts, finance, international development, law and a host of others. We are all committed to the College and to its students.


As well as the 60 Associates there are currently around 30 Honorary Associates — people who have reached the end of their ten year term as an Associate but who wish to maintain their commitment to the Associates’ work.


Our purpose is to further the interests of the College as a place of education, learning and research, and we also assist in development and fundraising.


We’re here to help all members of the Newnham community — studentsfellows and alumnae as well as the College as a whole. We organise workshops and other events for students and alumnae. We offer individual advice, mentoring, contacts, and, sometimes, funding.


  • The Associates’ directory lists all Associates (including Honorary Associates) — by going to an individual Associate’s description you can get in touch with her directly. Search for an Associate using the “Find an Associate” search box on the right.
  • There’s a list of past and future events organised by or of interest to Associates. You can view them by type of event (for example, Newnham Associates career workshops or College events) or by who they are for (such as current students or members of the Roll).
  • The Job Finder page lists work experience opportunities, internships and job vacancies that we know of that might be of interest to Newnham students and graduates.
  • Find out more about how the Associates can help studentsfellowsalumnae and other Associates under the Who we help menu item.
  • Find out more about what the Associates do and how we operate under the About us menu item.